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    How comes Mimpex? "M" for "Mould", "imp" for "import", "ex" for "export", so Mimpex@RPM deals with moulds/molds related import and export business, Mimpex@RPM exports high-quality good-prices moulds with good-services according to customized orders.

          RPM manages Rimpex for rubberimpex.com since 2002, Pimpex for plasticimpex.com since 2004 and Mimpex for mouldimpex.com since 2005. Xiamen RPM Imp.&Exp. Co.,Ltd. cooperates with some qualified moulds/molds manufacturers, to co-promote moulds/molds. Mimpex@RPM is professional in designing and machining injection moulds, blow moulds according to customers' drawings or plastic samples.

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Xiamen RPM Imp.&Exp. Co.,Ltd.  

  Moulds for Packagings, Automotive Parts, Medical Devices Injection Moulds for Liquor (Wines), Food, Beverage, Medical, Cosmetics Industries  
  Packaging Moulds, Food Packages Moulds and Medical Moulds Medical Moulds, Caps Moulds, Food Packaging Moulds  
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Plastics Injection Molds
Plastic Products
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        Mimpex@RPM's engineers are skilled in AutoCAD software for 2D moulds drawings and Pro/Engineer software for 3D moulds drawings.
        Customers should provide to Mimpex@RPM the detailed drawings and/or photoes with sizes info of plastic products together with weights, materials, expected output capacities of such plastic products. Of course, customers' enquiries should include injection/blow molding machines' details like manufacturers, brands, models, especially moulds' fixing plates info. And it is best that customers could mail us original samples at the same time providing aforementioned info. Thus our engineers could make offers to customers efficiently and accurately.

        All enquiries will be replied directly by our plastic moulds factory - Mimpex@RPM 


Company Profile of Mimpex@RPM

        Mimpex@RPM is an enterprise specialized in manufacturing of precision mould and processing of plastic products. Mimpex@RPM has workshops of 4,000 square meters and its total investment exceeds USD2,500,000.

        Mimpex@RPM is equipped with imported CNC machining centers and various advanced mould manufacturing equipment. The precise design and mature manufacture technics ensure the moulds' quality and life-span. During the development over ten years, Mimpex@RPM has accumulated and bringed up a group of backbone employees with vitality and rich experiences in techniques and management. On the basis of the full operation of ISO9001 quality management system, Mimpex@RPM spends great efforts to expand its market. Now Mimpex@RPM has built a nicer symbiosis with some famous domestic enterprises and foreign customers from Poland, Russia, Romania, USA, etc.

        With the guidelines of "Not for blind expansion, but for sensible perfection", our employees continuously reinforce construction of company's systems and corporate culture, build and amplify the quality management system. Based on unceasing learning, exploration and innovation, our emplyees actively introduce new techniques and processes. At present, Mimpex@RPM has made great achievement in hot-runner moulds and two-colors moulds, which further enhances its core competitive power in the moulds market.

        Reasonable prices, high quality moulds and all-round services will be the best rewards for honoured customers offered by Mimpex@RPM

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